Essen, 2. February 2015. Shoe Fashion Trends Spring/ Summer 2015

Bild Schuhtrends Frühling/Sommer 2015

Shoe Fashion Trends Spring/ Summer 2015

Lightness and sophisticated chic in light tones


Airy, light and casual are three words to describe the fashion of spring and summer 2015. Tops and dresses gently caress the figure with flowing fabrics. Wide-cut, cropped trousers – so-called culottes – and tight shorts are just as suitable for summer as wrap skirts in mini or midi. This season’s fashion favourite is the jumpsuit, which already caused a sensation back in the 70s and 80s. Even if black is still playing an important role, this season will be mainly defined by light and pastel colours. On-trend colours are white and white-similar colours, pink and champagne tones, light blue, mint, apricot and beige and nude.

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21. July 2014. Shoe-Trends Autumn/ Winter 2014/ 2015

picture shoe trends autumn/winter 2014/2015

Shoes-Trends Autumn/ Winter 2014/ 2015

Clean, elegant and minimal – black will be dominating the footwear fashions for autumn/winter 2014/15


Black and black nuances are clearly the winners when it comes to the colour trends for the autumn/winter 2014/15 season. And they are occasionally joined by brown tones like mocha, cognac and taupe.

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Essen, 7. September 2010. Gallus – the men’s shoe brand with tradition celebrates its 130th birthday

Logo Gallus

Gallus – the men’s shoe brand with tradition celebrates its 130th birthday

Most men prefer straightforward shoes with no frills: high-quality, hard-wearing leather, first class finish, traditional forms and above all comfort. This could be a statement straight from the 1920ies. That this would still apply in 2010 and that even customers in the far away Gulf States would buy Gallus men’s shoes, could definitely not have been foreseen by the shoemaker and founder of the Gallus brand, Heinrich Vogels.

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Pirmasens, 14. February 2013. Powerhouse of ideas for footwear design

Logo Design Atelier

Powerhouse of ideas for footwear design – Deichmann offers an exclusive platform to designers From a small shoemaker’s shop to the largest shoe dealer in Europe: in the last 100 years Deichmann has achieved a great deal. This year’s one-hundredth birthday is going to be celebrated with a special project – the company has founded the Deichmann Design Atelier.

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Essen, 25. September 2014. The New Deichmann Blogger Collection Has Italian Roots

Logo Blogger Collection Veronica Ferraro

Veronica Ferraro: “I’m crazy about shoes”

The new Deichmann Blogger Collection has Italian roots: the self-confessed footwear fetishist and fash-ion blogger, Milan’s Veronica Ferraro (“I’m crazy about shoes”), is launching her own collection, which will be exclusively available online at This is Deichmann’s second blogger project of the year, after its successful collaboration with Sweden’s Caroline Blomst. Feminine and elegant yet playful – this is how one might de-scribe Veronica Ferraro’s style. These influences can also be felt in her new, exclusive footwear collection for Europe’s largest footwear retailer, Deichmann.

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