We support work safety, environmental protection and worker health, a ban on discriminatory practices, as well as on child and forced labour, regulated working hours, and clearly regulated compensation. We set obligatory social and environmental standards that supplier companies must abide by. These rules are laid out in the Code of Conduct that Deichmann has developed on its own and adjusts to the individual country. The code is based on International Labour Organization standards and holds suppliers to specific behaviours, production processes and provisions that protect workers.

Independent inspections ensure compliance

Our own and independent inspectors sometimes announced, sometimes unannounced visit the companies and check to see that the agreement is being complied with. For this, Deichmann works with domestic and foreign inspection organizations, such as TÜV Süd, SGS, Intertek and STR. If violations of the Code of Conduct are discovered, we first try to change the supplier’s behaviour through retraining and other assistance. If these measures don’t work, the supplier’s contract is cancelled.

However, about 10 years of experience with the Code of Conduct shows that suppliers understand its meaning and quickly recognize its benefits: Employees work more efficiently and produce better quality when they know that their employer creates reliable, appropriate conditions for them. In addition: The greater efficiency strengthens the supplier’s competitive position.

You can find the full text of the Code of Conduct here.