“Supply chain management” – This professional term from the vocabulary of global logistics experts explains an important factor in both our success and our customer service. It means control of the whole supply chain — from the producer to the individual shop. Our own professionals guide this complex process, so that the latest fashions get to around 30 countries while they’re still the latest thing.

Ships take the completed shoes and other goods from the manufacturing countries to Europe. From there, trains and lorries transport them to distribution centres in Bottrop, Feuchtwangen, Soltau and Wolfen, Germany, as well as our logistics centres in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and Poland. Then the Deichmann vehicle fleet distributes the shoes to each shop.

The distribution centres make sure that the latest fashions get to the local shops on time and that customer demand can be satisfied.

In recent years we have expanded and modernized all of our warehouse facilities and invested in energy-saving technology, such as solar installations and geothermal heat.