The DEICHMANN Group’s foreign companies have also been involved in supporting a wide range of social projects in their countries for many years. Here are some examples.

Hilfsaktion - Slowakische Republik

DEICHMANN supports various organizations in the Slovak Republic that care for people in need. These include two orphanages in the south of the country and facilities for dementia patients and young people with visual impairments in the north-east.

Hilfsaktion - Rumänien

DEICHMANN in turn supports people from Ukraine seeking protection in Romania by helping aid organizations there – whether by providing them with winter shoes or by financing meals in shelters for war refugees.

Hilfsaktion - Österreich

DEICHMANN Austria also helps in a variety of ways – last year, for example, with fundraising campaigns to support needy and destitute people in the west of Vienna for a free lunch and at the annual Christmas party. In addition to many long-standing sponsored projects, DEICHMANN also helped many refugees from Ukraine with shoe and voucher donations in 2022 – including in Austria.

Hilfsaktion - Schweiz

In October 2022, one color defined the DEICHMANN stores in Spain and also set an example at the DEICHMANN subsidiary Ochsner Shoes in Switzerland: pink. It stands for the fight against breast cancer. In 2022, colleagues in Spain continued their collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Breast Cancer and once again donated a portion of the merchandise sold to the organization.

In Switzerland, the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk took place again at the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich after a three-year break. Ochsner Shoes has sponsored this event since 2018 and brought limited-edition pink sneakers with them in 2022. They were displayed in the stadium and offered for sale, with the proceeds going to Pink Ribbon.

Hilfsaktion - Polen

DEICHMANN in Poland also has a long tradition of supporting those in need: for example, the company has been supporting the orphanage in Pieszyce for many years. When the war in Ukraine broke out, hundreds of orphans were brought to safety in Poland from the war zones with the help of the “Happy Kids” organization. For several years, teams from DEICHMANN Poland have been privately involved in the “Letter to Santa” campaign. Children from orphanages write letters to Santa Claus in Lapland and hand them in at our stores, in the administration offices or to individuals from our teams. Colleagues are happy to fulfill these wishes, collect the necessary money, go shopping and bring the presents to orphanages dressed as Santa Claus.

Hilfsaktion - USA

“Rack Room Shoes – Gives” is the motto of the DEICHMANN subsidiary in the USA. This includes, for example, fundraising campaigns together with customers for schools or clubs or the involvement of the teams in social projects. One of the most successful collaborations is with “Shoes that fit”: since 2007, customers have been asked to donate to children from socially disadvantaged families in their local area so that they can get new shoes when they start school. Around one million dollars were raised in 2022. The donations were topped up by Rack Room and make it possible for children to play, go to school and learn without a care in the world.