We want to be the best shoe retailer for our customers. Our employees are our most important partners in achieving this goal. We want to enable them to achieve above-average performance and to act entrepreneurially, independently and in a results-oriented manner in their respective positions. This means, among other things, that we pay above-standard wages, offer regular further training, have good conditions for the company pension scheme and have attractive benefits as part of the company healthcare scheme. For employees who find themselves in a personal emergency, unbureaucratic help is available through a support fund.

We expect our managers to set a good example. They should see each individual employee as a person with individual abilities, needs and requirements and take them seriously. They should create scope for their employees to develop their own initiative through a balanced interplay of demands and encouragement.

You can find our management guidelines here.

We are convinced that working together and for one another promotes pride in what has been achieved, strengthens a sense of belonging and increases job satisfaction. At the same time, this type of collegial interaction also has a positive effect on the company and its success. This in turn enables us to fill our mission statement with content.

You can find information about vacant positions in our company in the Careers section.

Fair Company und Top Employer

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The Fair Company initiative is the largest and best-known employer initiative in Germany. Fair Company companies are reliably committed to recognized quality standards and verifiable rules for internships. DEICHMANN is a member of the initiative and is therefore committed to paying students, training them and offering them career guidance. Fair Companies also create transparency about tasks, contact persons and objectives.

Fair Company Logo

Another example: DEICHMANN has been certified as a Top Employer 2023 in Germany. In an extensive process, the independent Top Employers Institute examined the DEICHMANN head office on the basis of an HR best practices questionnaire.

It comprises six overarching HR dimensions and 20 HR areas, such as People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being and Diversity & Inclusion. The result: DEICHMANN is one of the best employers in the country with outstanding employee conditions.