Diversity is enrichment. At DEICHMANN SE we are profoundly convinced that every individual should feel recognised and valued, regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, age, religion or physical ability. We have diversity in our DNA – to some extent because we retail shoes for everyone.

At DEICHMANN, we don’t just make shoes for feet, but for the people who wear them. We also do everything in our power to identify and satisfy our customers’ needs and preferences, for example, by ensuring they will find shoes they love and can afford at our stores. Our employees, partners and suppliers can always depend on us. We support people in need. Everything we do is to serve the people.


The way we and other companies around the globe approach the issue of diversity is becoming increasingly important. Every person is unique and perfect exactly as they are. Different perspectives broaden horizons and sharpen perspectives. That’s why we see diversity as one of the key factors for growth in a constantly changing global society and economy.

It is also why we are absolutely determined to cultivate an environment based on values such as equality, respect and appreciation for all our customers and for every member of our team. We believe that fairness and transparency in personal interactions are key to maximising the relevant individuals’ potential

We are a family business with international operations, retailing fashion shoes for the whole family at best-value prices. In this role we prioritise dimensions such as age, social and cultural background, disability, income and education. There are people with different ages, cultural backgrounds and perspectives working for DEICHMANN. As a result, we have direct access to a very broad and diverse talent base, a variety of knowledge as well as different cultural and social skills that enable us to respond more effectively to divergent and fast-changing market and customer requirements.

This, however, is certain: We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or bullying. We also take a clear stance against defamatory or racist reactions to this position on the part of our followers and customers and focus on maintaining a leadership culture that exemplifies respectful and value-based interaction. Diversity boosts performance, creativity and motivation.

In our regular pulse surveys, we discuss diversity and inclusion with our employees. This ensures that we always have an up-to-date picture of the perceived situation, can identify scope for improvement and can listen to the ideas and suggestions from our employees.

In our training programmes we raise awareness for diversity-related issues and provide managers with useful tips on integrating diversity into their workspaces and their day-to-day work. Our guiding principle “the company has to serve the people” is also reflected in our personnel development projects. For example, our “Chancengeber” project (Chance Giver) offers people with non-linear CVs an entry point into the professional world of sales. As a member of the Alliance for Women in STEM Professions (Bündnis für Frauen in MINT-Berufen), we and the other member companies have set ourselves the goals of inspiring girls and young women to choose STEM apprenticeships, degree programmes and professions and supporting them in their careers. Our employees are also proactive diversity champions within our organisation, for example as part of the “empower” women’s network.

Diversity is our basic attitude and therefore also an integral part of the brand messages that we communicate across all our corporate activities and channels. We have many decades of experience with tolerance and we let the outside world see our positive attitude towards it. When planning and implementing our international marketing campaigns, for example, we always recruit diverse casts to emphasise how important mutual respect and inclusion are to us. Diversity is a natural part of our society. We want everyone to feel represented and welcome here, regardless of their gender, age, origin or physical characteristics.