DEICHMANN was and is a family business. We want it to stay that way in the future. The owner family is committed to the Christian view of humanity and strives to bring these values to bear in day-to-day operations, knowing full well that reality will always fall short of the desired ideal.

“The company must serve the people” – this is our mission statement. This refers to our customers, employees, suppliers and people in need.

At DEICHMANN, we don’t just make shoes for feet, but for the people who wear them. With this in mind, we always want to be the best shoe retailer for our customers in the markets where we are represented. This means that DEICHMANN offers good products at the best possible prices. Making a profit is not an end in itself for us. Profits are necessary to keep the company healthy, to secure jobs and create new ones, to enable expansion through our own efforts and to fulfill social responsibilities.

The customers

We want to offer fashionable, up-to-date and high-quality shoes at an extremely affordable price for broad sections of the population. We want to offer our customers the best value for money. We see this not only as an entrepreneurial obligation, but also as a social obligation. DEICHMANN employees think and act with the customer in mind at all levels of the company. In all our activities, we have the customer’s well-being in mind and work hard to earn their trust. The organizational structures, work processes and practical cooperation within the company must be designed in such a way that they serve to achieve this goal.

The employees

In order to be the best shoe retailer for our customers, our employees perform above average and act in an entrepreneurial, independent and results-oriented manner within the scope of their respective positions. Our managers should create the necessary scope for employees to take the initiative, promote personal responsibility and pride in what they have achieved and take each individual employee seriously as a person with all their abilities, needs and requirements. This should be done in a spirit of working together and for each other rather than against each other. This creates a feeling of togetherness.

Through long-term cooperation, we preserve the experience of our employees and ensure continuity in our company. We encourage people who are willing to help shape our company in a goal-oriented manner and give our employees a share in the company’s success. In addition, we support our employees with numerous voluntary social benefits, especially in the event of personal emergencies.

The suppliers

DEICHMANN buys goods and services at the best possible price-performance ratio. We attach great importance to fair and cooperative dealings with our business partners. It goes without saying that we ensure that people in the countries where our production sites are located can work under humane conditions. DEICHMANN is committed to its Code of Conduct in this respect.

People in need

DEICHMANN uses part of its corporate profits to offer its employees additional social benefits. In the same way, the Deichmann family feels a Christian responsibility to help people in need at home and abroad. By doing well for the company, it is also possible to help others.

Here you can find our declaration of principles in which we commit ourselves to respecting human rights.