In 2009, 38 percent of the German population over 14 years of age visited a local Deichmann shop. This makes Deichmann one of the largest magnets for retail customers, bringing business to the surrounding shops as well. We want our customers to get a good deal every time, and to see us as a good business. Fashionable shoes and good quality at great prices — these three principles should be every customer’s reality.


In past decades we have made sure that shoes remained affordable for every consumer. While the average price in our collection was about DM 40.00 in the 1960s, today it is around €20.00. This is possible through direct purchasing in large quantities from suppliers, with no middleman, through economical organization of shops, with their modern product presentation, and through decades of experience in how the shoe business works.


So that not only the price is right, but also the quality of the shoes, from the time the collection is planned, we are involved in product development and have the results inspected both internally and externally.


Our shops offer both: The freedom to browse undisturbed as one wishes, but also to take advantage of professional advice. The shelf system and product assortment offer the customer a quick overview of which styles are available in which sizes. Upon request, our sales personnel can also help. If the style you want doesn’t happen to be in stock in the right size, the online-shop is an easy alternative that is gaining importance for many customers.