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Shuhtrends Herbst Winter 2015 2016

Shoe Fashion Trends Autumn/ Winter 2015/16

Classic, uncomplicated looks with a subtle twist

Simple geometric forms, an uncomplicated, more understated everyday look and androgynous-influenced styles are defining the clothing silhouettes for the autumn/winter 2015/16 season. Grey, black, midnight blue, brown, aubergine and dark green tones are the dominating colours. Accents are being set by delicate, and sometimes also vibrant raspberry tones and pastel nuances. Glittery, silver-coloured or metallic elements as well as hologram effects offer highlights.

All in the mix

The rather unspectacular colour scheme is subtly being expressed in key looks, especially with the help of an intentional material mix that experiments with surfaces and structures. Fabrics like wool or tweed are making an appearance, mixed in matching colours with smooth leathers. This breaks up the plain smooth leather looks and adds vibrancy. As a result, the sleek smooth leather styles like crocodile or reptile prints are giving the shoes a very sophisticated finish, turning them into real eye-catchers. Metallic finishes and brushed surfaces add an exciting edge. High-tech fibres, neoprene and mesh, which are more likely to be seen in a sporty context, are used together with leather. Patent leather is once again en vogue for heels and the men’s shoe types that are particularly popular in autumn/winter.

Spotlight on shoes

With their reserved colours, classic trouser suits, short trousers ending above the ankles, knee-length or midi skirts, straight, long coats, the layering look, geometrically tailored cardigans and lots of knitwear are taking more of a back seat, offering this autumn/winter’s shoes plenty of room on the fashion stage. Androgynous brogues, loafer styles, dandy lace-ups and monk-strap shoes in particular are leading the way in the fashion stakes. There’s simply no getting around them this season; with their robust heels, occasionally striking welts and thick, profiled soles, they are attracting envious glances. The popularity of the Chelsea boots, with their new slightly shorted, ankle-height shafts, is also continuing unabated. Ankle-high, lace-up and sporty boots are also boasting material mixes, sophisticated finishes, two-tone looks or the perforations usually seen on brogues. Some models also have sturdy plateau soles with a strong, profiled base. With a nod to the 1970s, long-shaft boots are once again entering onto the fashion stage. The perfect way to show them off is with knee-skimming skirts.

The sporty trend

Just like in the summer, sneakers are very much on trend this season too. And the interplay of materials continues to be important, with wool and tweeds being mixed with leather. In terms of colour, the styles are often in matching shades, meaning that the vibrancy of the structures is created exclusively by the different materials. A touch of glamour is added with patent leather or crocodile looks, metallic finishes and hologram reflectors. The soles continue to be bright and light.

From round to pointy

As far as the shapes of the shoes are concerned, both round and pointed are playing a role. Low shoes, whether androgynous-inspired or not, are more or less staying round. Their eye-catching look is achieved by a strong welt construction and thick, non-slip soles, a feature which is prominent in the autumn/winter fashions. But when it comes to the higher heeled ankle boots, pointier shapes are increasingly catching on. This can also be seen in the Chelsea boots, which have a distinctive luxurious touch in the new pointy-toed style. Block heels, often paired with plateaus and profiled soles, are making an appearance on all types of shoes and offer a firm, sturdy base. For sporty boots in particular, they are an absolute must.

Men’s shoes: From modern and classic to robust

This coming autumn/winter 2015/16 season, everything goes: for example, desert boots, brogues and Chelsea boots are being combined with classic business outfits, as well as with casual jeans and a sporty jacket. Just like for the ladies, the interplay of materials is also important in the men’s trends: leather and textile/wool, suede and smooth leather are often subtly mixed on the heel or toecap, the shaft or the facing. Buckles and decorative bands as well as contrasting stitching and zippers embellish the styles and draw attention to the feet. Robust boots are still very much in and are also following the material mix rules. Refined finishes and brush techniques are a must here. Ankle-height Chelsea boots are still very popular, in brown and black, as well as in blue and grey.
The classic business shoe is still either black or brown, although the colour palette is becoming more interesting for the designers. Grey, blue and beige are also making an appearance. The lasts are still quite narrow. It goes without saying that robust boots are an essential piece in any winter footwear collection. The models in this collection have thick, non-slip profiled soles, are very sporty and feature all sorts of buckles, emblems, zippers and padded shafts. Textile and fur inserts keep the wearer’s feet cosy and warm in wintry temperatures.

Bag trends: Casual variety in a reduced look

Small, boxy, trapeze-shaped or round – and just big enough for the essential items that every woman needs to carry around with her. Hung over the shoulder or clamped under the arm, they stand out with their vibrant colours alone. From yellow to azure blue down to bright red, this season’s bags are setting bright and cheerful colour highlights amidst the black and grey of autumn and winter.
The trend is moving towards medium-sized formats and vintage shapes with a firm base that are newly interpreting the fashions of the 1970s. A cool mix of grey, mud tones and black is accompanied by the absolute trend colour Marsala and green, beige, grey, blue or red. Like for the small bags, opulent embellishments are playing more of a minor role here too. Instead, gold and silver sleek metal clasps, tuck and turn-lock clasps and magnetic closures are used, giving the models understated charm. Glamour is provided in the form of crocodile looks, animal prints, metallic finishes and exciting material combinations of leather, suede and textile. Large shopper bags for strolls around the city remain popular and offer plenty of room for purchases. When it comes to sporty looks, rucksacks, bowling bags and large canvas bags are in the running.

Fun & function for kids

High demands are placed on children’s shoes, especially in autumn and winter: robust, warm and comfortable are three things they should definitely always be – and fashionable too, of course. So with this in mind, this season’s girl’s collection scores points for its lined mid-cuts, country-style booties and stylish thermal boots. Material and subtle colour mixes, shiny and used-look surfaces as well as padded quilting add the necessary fashionable touches. In addition to dusky pink, leading the way in terms of colour are blackberry, raspberry and plum tones, occasionally combined with relaxed taupe and beige shades. Embellishments are used sparingly.
For the boys, the focus is on retro sneakers, mountain climber boots and cool functional boots. As well as camel, taupe and grey, vibrant blue tones dominate the colour spectrum. For the older ones, black is already playing a bigger role. The effective combination of suede and smooth leather, understated top-stitching and lettering gives the models a fashionable twist.

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