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Bild Schuhtrends Frühling/Sommer 2015

Shoe Fashion Trends Spring/ Summer 2015

Lightness and sophisticated chic in light tones


Airy, light and casual are three words to describe the fashion of spring and summer 2015. Tops and dresses gently caress the figure with flowing fabrics. Wide-cut, cropped trousers – so-called culottes – and tight shorts are just as suitable for summer as wrap skirts in mini or midi. This season’s fashion favourite is the jumpsuit, which already caused a sensation back in the 70s and 80s. Even if black is still playing an important role, this season will be mainly defined by light and pastel colours. On-trend colours are white and white-similar colours, pink and champagne tones, light blue, mint, apricot and beige and nude.

The shoe fashions are also picking up on these laid-back and relaxed trends. Above all, shoes will become flatter and forgo the use of elaborate appliqués –crystals and small stones at the most will be making an appearance on flat sandalettes and sandals. Slip-ons and lace-up shoes made of light canvas fabrics, denim or leather on ultra-flat soles exude a casual, extremely feminine sportiness. A real summer feeling is conveyed by espadrille soles – also light and feminine, of course.

See-through shoes
Like last year, the ideal look for the warm season is shoes with cut-outs, laser cuts and perforations, which always reveal the naked skin underneath. Flat loafers, lightweight lace-ups, ‘shooties’ (a high-heel shoe and ankle bootie in one) and summer boots in mainly white and beige tones forgo any use of ostentatious decorations, instead focusing on the perforated surfaces, fine ornamentation and cut-outs as sophisticated eye-catchers. In terms of fabric, the perforated surfaces come in many variations: either elegant lace, coarse sisal, light canvas or fine leather.

Stylish Chelsea ‘shooties’
The short ankle-height Chelsea with its characteristic elastic inserts on the sides of the ankle is still a popular look. The shoe, which was actually designed as a men’s boot, is mostly making an appearance in its classic form in spring/summer 2015. The narrow, high-heeled Chelsea usually worn in autumn and winter is taking a back seat. Chelsea variations with a block heel are on trend, but in summer they will mostly be without decorative straps or appliqués with studs.

The sneaker hype continues
The sneaker has been taking up a firm place in our shoe cupboards for quite some time now. Once worn only for sports, it is increasingly becoming more of a fashion shoe, which uses technical materials like mesh and neoprene as a style element. As far as the colour palette is concerned, the look is still light, although sometimes in the mix with vibrant neon colours in blue, pink or mint.

Fashion sliders
Popular this season are the so-called sliders, which often have a cork footbed. The shoes, which up to now have been relegated into the category of health shoe, are experiencing a dramatic upgrade. With a metallic finish, embellished with studs or decorated with decorative straps and large rhinestones, they become luxurious accessories that form a cool style clash when paired with a summery evening dress. In addition to the sliders, classic flip-flops are staying on the scene – a cork footbed puts a new and comfortable take on them.

It’s not summer with summer sandals and sandalettes
Very flat, light sandals and sandalettes with ankle straps, T-straps or as flip-flops, are set to take summer 2015 by storm. And for these types of shoe too, opulence is not one of their unique selling points: decorative elements and appliqués like chains, braiding, studs or gemstones are only used in a reduced way. In addition to the flat sandal models the favourites for spring/summer 2015 also include models with thick, profiled outsoles, made of ultra-light materials like cork or rubber. Wedge heels are experiencing another season: on espadrilles, sandalettes, sandals and sling-backs they represent a summery variation to the Asian-inspired briquette outsole, which is equally high at the front and back. Despite the dominating trends for flat soles, high-heel lovers don’t have to go without their beloved favourites, which have become an integral part of the heel repertoire. Feminine sandalettes and courts have heels ranging from narrow to block-style and, as usual, are elegant and suitable for the city. Perforated upper materials or laser cuts add to their appeal.

Bags: Daily companions and favourite accessories at the same time
The new favourite this season is the trapeze bag. In spring/summer 2015 the elegant ‘it’ bag will be winning the hearts of the ladies. Its side triangles give this bag its characteristic trapezoid look. The trapeze bag is spacious, stylish und stands out from the crowd with its shape. Overall, the bags have clear shapes and are more angular. Patch pockets, which also serve decorative purposes, create extra space. Elaborate embellishments, metal appliqués and zippers are used very subtly. Thanks to their long strap the bags can be hung casually over the shoulder, or also carried in the hand in a very ladylike way as a small bag with short handle. Sporty rucksacks with and without patch pockets, which offer plenty of space, are young and extremely versatile. Black and brown are still firm fixtures in the bag colour scheme, but in spring/summer 2015, just like with the shoes, we will be seeing more light colours and pastels. White and white-similar colours, pink and champagne tones, light blue, mint, apricot and beige and nude are used individually or in combination.

Men’s shoes: Casual styling for business and leisure
The motto is also light and airy for the men. Moccasins, loafers and boat shoes made of canvas materials and soft fabrics are more relevant than ever and extremely comfortable for the feet thanks to their lightness. And like the ladies’ models, here too the colours are light: shades of beige, blue, brown and grey are dominating the men’s footwear fashions. Really dark tones are less likely to make an appearance. On the contrary: even white and off-white are no longer a taboo. Also as a contrast to the coloured upper materials, eye-catching soles are often white. The “casual shoe” has also firmly established itself in men’s shoe cupboards. It comes as a lightweight suede shoe, is beige, grey, brown or even blue and offers a casual option for leisurewear or casual Friday. For elegant looks, the focus is on classic lace-ups in black and brown. The colour palette is broken up with grey nuances and off-white as well as light brown tones. The black monk shoe is new and extremely chic. Top trends for hot summer days are flip-flops and light mules made of canvas and light textile materials or smooth leather.

Happy feet
Children’s shoes and bright, cheerful colours simply belong together – regardless of what is happening in the world of adult fashion. The focus varies from season to season. For children’s footwear in spring/summer 2015, light chalk tones are playing an important role for the girls: pink, lilac, turquoise and raspberry are charming in combination with white. Not to mention the continued trend of metallic nuances, which, however, are mostly used selectively and less on the entire shoe. Other details like studs and perforations are more understated – small star-shaped and flat, round studs as well as sparingly used perforations add highlights. Strappy sandals, ballerinas and sneakers dominate the styles, complemented by light summer boots. And the boys don’t have to forgo colour either: pop-style turquoise, apple green and aqua are used in combination with sparingly used yellow and orange. Light soles form a lovely contrast. As far as the shapes are concerned, sneaker variations – preferably with a retro touch – remain high in the popularity stakes.

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