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The new shoes in the current DEICHMANN collection are genuine ‘must haves’– and they feature in the confident storyline of a new fashion campaign entitled ‘Liebe den Schuh – und den Preis’ (Love the Shoe. Love the Price).

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes and thought: “I have to have them!”? That’s the narrative of DEICHMANN and Jung von Matt’s new fashion campaign. It’s about the irresistible urge some shoe fans feel to just tear them off the wearer’s feet. What a good thing that DEICHMANN’s shoe models awaken that same desire – but at such attractive prices that there’s no need to take desperate measures … Love the shoe. Love the price.

The bold and modern signature of Europe’s biggest shoe retail company’s new campaign combines storytelling with fashion, turning both the brand and the products into talking points. Top brands and models at unbeatable prices. It’s an irresistible combination.

The multifaceted campaign is interspersed with humorous elements. It portrays women who immediately want to own the objects of their desire – the trendiest autumn/winter shoe styles – by any means possible, however unconventional! And despite the fact that they are available at affordable prices from DEICHMANN. Don’t worry though. Nobody’s going to jail. But they’re definitely going to DEICHMANN!

It isn’t a bad thing to include a sprinkling of humour in communications when times are hard. And Europe’s number one shoe retail company has the support of a strong agency famous for its humorous storytelling in Jung von Matt SAGA. The Hamburg-based agency won the pitch in spring 2022 for the design and implementation of the DEICHMANN ‘Autumn/Winter 2022’ fashion campaign.

“We are excited to be working with JvM SAGA and we love their bold, enthralling and surprising signature. We believe that powerful storytelling and a viable concept that packs a punch across all touchpoints will give the DEICHMANN brand the necessary visibility in a toughly and vociferously competitive market,” said Sabine Zantis, Chief Marketing Officer at DEICHMANN.

JvM SAGA has been tasked with promoting five focus categories in the campaign flight from September to November: sneakers and combat boots, lifestyle brands, warm linings and leather. Each will be featured in separate 360-degree campaigns focusing on the medium of video. The new marketing strategy to raise awareness for DEICHMANN’s fashion competence and value for money is at the heart of the collaboration. The goal is to enhance the brand’s appeal and relevance in fashion-oriented target groups.

“Repositioning Europe’s number one shoe retail company, DEICHMANN, so that it can conquer new, younger and more fashion-oriented target groups is an amazing challenge!” said Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Creative Chief Officer at JvM SAGA.

The first two campaigns featuring the product categories of sneakers and combat boots can now be seen on TV, at the POS and on all social media channels. They include 30 and 20s TVCs and cut downs, individual online and social media formats, POS assets and display banners.

Here are the links to the commercials:–8E

The Jung von Matt campaign team:
Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Andreas Hilbig, Stephan Giest, Michael Wilde, Hannes Rath, Philipp Schättler, Anne-Marie Brandner, Franziska Krüger, Oscar Engelhardt, Jonas Lenger, Winfried Scheller, Martin Stöpel, Luca Schöbi, Lena Conze, Jakob Cassebaum, Dennis Wendt, Viktoria Dettke, Katja Zyrull

The DEICHMANN campaign team:
Sabine Zantis, Andreas Conze, Marcel Nawrath, Lukas Kaiser, Dennis Falk, Philip Burghaus, Olivia Simon, Lea Penschek

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Short profile of Jung von Matt
Jung von Matt is the most successful advertising agency group in German-speaking countries in terms of awards it has received for both creativity and efficiency. The agency offers its clients creative and efficient marketing communication across all channels and disciplines. Jung von Matt was founded in Hamburg in 1991 and continues to operate as a privately-held stock corporation with agencies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic and China. The agency’s clients include BMW, Bosch, BVG, DFB, EDEKA, EnBW, Haribo, HUAWEI, Hyundai, NIVEA, Sixt and Vodafone.

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