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Berlin/Essen, 28 October 2021. Higher, faster, further? It doesn’t have to be like that. Pure performance pressure is out. But increasing numbers of people want to be active, feel good, rediscover their body and show off the latest sports and lifestyle trends. The mindful awareness of physical activity that benefits our own health is spreading. The desire for more exercise as a cross-generational trend isn’t something that just started with Covid. It is precisely this social movement that DEICHMANN is picking up across all age groups with its sports brands strategy. In line with the firm’s corporate philosophy, “The company must serve the people”, the Essen-based shoe retailer is focusing its product range in the long term on the sports-for-everyone segment. DEICHMANN has been expanding its partnerships with the leading sports brands for some time how. Customers can experience this in person in the company’s new Berlin flagship store.

A good branded shoe at a great price for everyone. DEICHMANN is offering customers a wide range of premium sports and lifestyle brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, Reebok, Asics and Skechers. The firm’s strategic collaboration with the global sports brands has been hugely expanded in order to open up an active lifestyle available to everyone, whatever their budget, so that they can stay fit and healthy. At the same time, DEICHMANN is also making the latest lifestyle trends offered by the sports brands accessible to all. For many people, sports and sports brands only intended as luxury items are no longer relevant. Instead, people are focusing today on social aspects such as community, more physical awareness, fitness, leisure pursuits and health”, says Oliver Cantoria, EMEA Head of Sports & Strategy at DEICHMANN.

New Berlin flagship store shows off sports brands

The significance of the sports segment is also clear in the Berlin flagship store at Tauentzienstraße 14, which was opened in the spring. Premium sports brands are presented in a completely new look and feel, creating a new shopping experience for all age groups. Customers instantly recognise the high level of sports brands expertise shown throughout the store in everything from lifestyle sneakers to sports performance products.

Ladies, children and men will find the right shoes and equipment for their active lifestyle on the ground floor, first floor and second floor respectively, with an innovative play area for children on the first floor too. The green and yellow strips on the floor and ceiling deliberately give the concept a sporty, dynamic identity. The mesh-look walls have been designed to be up-to-date, the floor is in contemporary colours and the lighting focuses on the latest styles. With this omni-channel concept, we have created a new DEICHMANN experience for all our customers which will promote trust, visual appeal and relevance. However, we also want to remain true to our DEICHMANN DNA at the same time,” emphasises Oliver Cantoria.

Alongside the sports premium brands, DEICHMANN is naturally also presenting its extensive fashion range throughout the sales area, which covers a total of 1,200 square metres. Across the store’s three storeys, customers will discover highlights from the current collections, chic accessories such as bags and scarves plus the timeless basic range stocked by all DEICHMANN stores. Particular importance is also attached to linking in-store and online shopping. The branch has a Click&Collect station, for example, where customers can pick up goods they have ordered online directly via a QR code function. In addition, digital marketing content is presented on all floors to add extra emotional impulses. One of the innovative highlights is the “Gamification Area” in the children’s department, where children are playfully encouraged to be active.

Collaboration with influencers

The new sports brands strategy also includes collaborating with famous influencers. For the latest issue of Shoe Fashion, DEICHMANN’s customer magazine, TikTok star Dalia Mya visited the store in Tauentzienstraße after hours and tried on various sporty styles. The friendly bundle of energy is an influencer with 6.2 million followers on TikTok, an actress and dubbing artist. In her photo shoot, Dalia Mya Schmidt-Foß then presented sports models from DEICHMANN’s autumn/winter collection in the the Berlin flagship store. Dalia explored the store and all its features in four different outfits – and took her enthusiastic fans and Shoe Fashion readers with her. You can check out the video and an interview in the latest Shoe Fashion at

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