Deichmann has always been a family-owned business. It will stay that way in the future. The founding family is committed to the Christian view of humankind and strives to bring these values to fruition in daily business knowing that reality often lags behind the ideal.

The company’s motto is, “The company must serve the people.” The Deichmann family and the company management make it their concern and personal duty to make sure this mission is carried out in day-to-day decisions.

We think business is there for the people, and not vice versa. Profits and growth aren’t just ends in themselves, but help to keep the company healthy and to keep jobs secure. This is only possible with qualified, motivated employees and absolute customer orientation. When dealing with our suppliers, we stress fairness and partnership, but where necessary we also press for improved working conditions. In the same way we approach business, we approach social responsibility: We help people in need at home and abroad.