Deichmann is Europe’s largest shoe retailer, offering a wide selection of shoes for all age groups – possibly the most comprehensive selection on the market. As well as delivering outstanding value for money, we’re also quick to bring out the latest fashion trends, with our buyers and designers always on the lookout for the right products for our customers. We don’t just offer our customers fashion at a great price, but also quality and assurance when buying shoes.

Continuous growth and independence

An important part of Deichmann’s philosophy is growth under its own steam, without the need of external capital. 2019 was no exception as the family-owned company continued its strong performance: DEICHMANN sold 183 million pairs of shoes in 4.200 branches worldwide and generated a turn over of €6.5 billon. For 2020, the group is planning opening 237 new stores worldwide.

Innovative and efficient store concept

At Deichmann, we use an innovative designed “rack room” concept for our store layout. This concept means that all our brands, styles, colours and sizes of shoe are on display, not only in pairs but also ready to purchase, in boxes. This presents the customer with the convenience of an easy way to navigate the store supported by knowledgeable colleagues offering helpful customer service.