Our growth

Continuous growth and independence

An important part of DEICHMANN’s company history is growth under its own steam without stock market launch and external capital. 2019 was no exception as the family-owned company continued its strong performance: DEICHMANN sold 150 million pairs of shoes in 4,200 branches worldwide and generated a turnover of 6.5 billion EUR.

DEICHMANN is active in 31 countries and employs over 41,000 employees.


Around 15,500 employees spread over approximately more than 1,400 branches (as of 31/12/2020), the company’s headquarters as well as several central warehouses dedicated to distributing shoes are currently working for DEICHMANN SE in Germany. In 2020 DEICHMANN sold about 60 million pairs of shoes in Germany.

United Kingdom

The very first Deichmann branch in the UK was opened in 2001 and the total figure of UK Deichmann branches now stands at 118 (as of 15/06/2021) with flagship stores in Westfield London and Stratford City. The Deichmann Group has applied its successful concept of fashionable, quality shoes at excellent prices combined with friendly service to its stores for the UK market and is growing year upon year.

The UK range is individually adapted to UK market conditions, taking country specific trends into account.